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Habits for Health

A step by step organizational approach to successfully manage living with diabetes or other life challenges.

  • Mind:  Create the habit of a positive attitude
  • Meals:  Easy meal planning
  • Movement: Increase your vitality
  • Matter: Create a calm environment
  • Medical: Stay organized with your records

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Habits for Success

An individual organizational approach to building self esteem and confidence, through a personal makeover. This program includes organizing the client’s closet. This service is ideal for those professionals that want to create a personal brand.

Informational Health and Organizing Presentations

Sample Topics

Diabetes: Our Journey to Health
Through her personal type one diabetes diagnosis story and current information, Anne explains diabetes;  the differences between type one and type two diabetes, the harmful effects of the disease as it progresses, the connection between stress and blood sugar and how mental health can be influenced.

Nutrition NOW
A basic nutrition presentation that includes digestion, the 6 essential nutrients, role of lymphatic system, glycemic index of foods, and the effects of stress on the body. This informative talk supports the advice that doctors give. That “diet and exercise” are the best ways to lose weight, control blood sugar and stop the progression of type 2 diabetes.

Training and Development Sessions

Through a multiple learning style format, Anne creates and presents training programs for businesses and groups that achieve success by including straight  talk, active movement, and fun.

Described as an inspirational speaker, her down to earth, blunt and succinct delivery format, immediately builds trust with her audience.

Through a site visit, interviewing employees and research, she interprets the information and formulates a concise plan for presenting the business objective requested.


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