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Growing up in a family with eight children, from a young age Anne had an easy time “putting things in their place.” And later whether it was tackling cross country moves or jugging her MBA coursework, this full time working Mom with three children discovered that planning and organizing was one of her greatest strengths.

Anne’s achievements come from her intuitive intelligence and lifelong thirst for knowledge.  She attributes her success and ability to thrive in diverse roles and industries to consistently participating in management and leadership training programs.

In 2009, while Anne was teaching nutrition classes to high school students, she received a life-changing medical diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. Her life thrown off balance, suddenly she is immersed in her new reality of grappling with a personal health crisis. Over time, keeping a vigilant schedule  of “round the clock” monitoring of blood sugar levels and self administration of insulin, her health became stable. Anne attributes her positive attitude  and her knowledge of nutrition and foods to her continued success in managing living with diabetes.

A professional member of the National Association of Productivity Organizers, Anne’s organizing business evolved when she realized that she was uniquely qualified to offer the diabetic community a service that brings organizing strategies to manage living with diabetes.

Through her public speaking events and organizational presentations, Anne inspires others to take action and organize to create a more peaceful and productive life.

Anne Bernardin

  • MBA, Averett University
  • Professional Member of NAPO
    (National Association of Productivity Organizers)
  • Certificate in Residential Organizing


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